Winnie’s story in numbers…

21 weeks of age, one bump with a car, two broken bones and two punctured lungs; one trip to A30referrals.

A cluster of X-Rays, two chest drains and 300mls of air aspirated. An anaesthetic team and a surgical team, two bone plates and 16 screws (one 2.4mm T plate and one 2.7mm buttress plate, if we’re getting technical.

Lots of suture lines and skin staples.

Some intensive care from the night nursing team, big smiles all round at a puppy taking her first steps following day.

The video shows her just prior to discharge on day two, heading home to recuperate with our very best wishes.

Dog Winnie with buster collar and being held by nurse at A30 Referrals Penmellyn Vets
x-ray collie leg showing bone fracture and repair by Colin Whiting at A30 Referrals Penmellyn Vets

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A kiss for Chester

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TPLO on both backlegs

“My dog, Saffie had TPLO performed by Colin on both of her rear legs”