95kg Jed, four weeks post TPLO.

He was non-weight bearing pre-op, with a large meniscal tear that was debrided at surgery.

Very large dog with shaved back leg a30 referrals

Lateral condylar fracture in juvenile patients

Lateral condylar fracture in juvenile patients can occur in many breeds and is generally a result of minor trauma causing separation of an as-yet unfused intercondylar region, with fracture through the overloaded lateral condylar neck.

These fractures carry a very good prognosis after anatomical reconstruction and in small dogs a condylar neck arthrodesis wire and 3.5mm intercondylar screw is generally appropriate for fixation.

In larger dogs, a 4.5mm cortical, or a partially threaded full thickness core screw (marketed by Vet Instrumentation) is appropriate and the lateral condylar neck is better supported with a contoured locking plate.

x-ray showing condylar neck arthrodesis in dog femur A30 referrals

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Pebbles had a short stay in with us post spinal surgery and at discharge her lovely lovely owner….

A kiss for Chester

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