Wedge TPLO remains a very effective procedure for Cruciate Rupture in small breeds with steep tibial plateau.

A few images from a patient today, a lovely 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier Cross called Rio. Rio had complete rupture of left CrCL.

Radiographically templated at 45degrees, a 40 degree wedge respected from his tibia and stabilised with a Vet Instrumentation 2.7mm TPLO plate.

Post-op, Rio having a fuss with nurse Jade too. Cruciate patients have two forms of intravenous pain relief, plus epidural and intra-articular local anaesthetic whilst they are under GA.

Bright and happy recoveries!

X-ray of dog's fractured tibia showing plates
X-ray of lateral stifle in dog
Anaesthetised dog on it's back showing positioning for x-ray of hock in small breeds
Smiling nurse at Penmellyn Vets holding patient little Yorkie with red bandage on leg
X-ray of fractured tibia in a small dog being mended with plate and screws visible on x-ray

Referrals from Newquay, Truro, Camborne & the Scilly Isles

Dogs with Cranial Cruciate Ligament failure represent a large part of our orthopaedic case-load.

Nevertheless, four patients in the last two days, referred in from Newquay, Truro, Camborne and the Scilly Isles, and all requiring the same procedure is a little unusual and illustrates nicely the spread of these cases that we use Slocum TPLO as a first line procedure ( smaller breeds generally have Wedge TPLOs, athletic ruptures a lateral fascial imbrocation, and concurrent patella luxations often a TTA or TTArapid).

Within these cases we’ve used radial osteotomy blades ranging from 18mm in a Chow and a Bulldog, 24mm in a Rottweiler and 30mm in a Mastiff.

All stabilisations are with the Vet Instrumentation 3.5mm TPLO DCP plate, and we also stock both 2.7mm and 2.4mm TPLO plates for smaller breeds.

Hover over each x-ray image for more detailed information

X ray showing plates and screws in tibia of dog's leg at A30 Referrals
X ray with Mediolateral view of a TPLO in a Rottweiler
Mediolateral view of a TPLO in a Mastiff, 30mm radial plate; 3.5mm VI DCP TPLO plate stabilisation
X ray of caudocranially view of TPLO in a Bulldog

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TPLO on both backlegs

“My dog, Saffie had TPLO performed by Colin on both of her rear legs”