Alfie, a lovely seven year old dachshund, was referred to Penmellyn Vets St Columb surgery with rapidly progressive hindlimb ataxia on the 8th March.

We radiographed a T13-L1 cord compression, a very large disc extrusion was retrieved with a minihemilaminectomy and pediculectomy to relieve spinal cord compression, and the associated disc was fenestrated.

Alfie made a good recovery, is cosy in his kennel and he was movede on to physiotherapy with close monitoring and medication in the hospital and plenty of tlc to go with it from our nurses.

View a video of Alfie here 6 weeks later. He is back for a recheck and he’s off and grooving. He brought his sister Gracie who also had spinal surgery previously.

Spinal x-ray of dog at A30 Referrals
X-ray of dog's spine with arrow showing interdigital space
Alfie the Daschund in comfortable kennel after spinal surgery at A30 referrals Penmellyn vets

Puzzle after a minihemilaminectomy

Puzzle was back to see us today for her 4 week post-op check after spinal surgery.

She had Grade III spinal thoracolumbar spinal dysfunction following an L1-2 disc extrusion, which was decompressed with a minihemilaminectomy and the associated disc fenestrated.

She returned to ambulation at two and half weeks post surgery and is now very mobile again, hence the movement blur on the photos!

X-ray of spine of dog with arrow showing spinal an L1-2 disc extrusion
Daschund happily moving so much that photo is blurred after surgery to fix her spine
Happy Daschund with owner after surgery at Penmellyn vets Cornwall

Ellie after a minihemilaminectomy at T12-13

Ellie was referred with acute onset non-ambulatory hindlimb paresis – Grade 3 dysfunction.

She’s had a minihemilaminectomy at T12-13 and pediculectomy cranially, retrieving a large volume of pulposus disc material.

She’ll now be hospitalised for analgesia, bladder management and physiotherapy.

Long haired daschund in comfortable Penmellyn Vets kennels after surgery
Dorsoventral x-ray of dog spine and abdomen A30 referrals

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What a wonderful team!

Pebbles had a short stay in with us post spinal surgery and at discharge her lovely lovely owner….

A kiss for Chester

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