We’re now nearing the end of our busiest ever month at A30referrals and it seems a good time to draw breath and start what will hopefully be a monthly blog about the practice, our team and our cases.

As always, huge thanks to all those colleagues from other practices in Cornwall and the South-West who entrust their patients and clients to our care; this month we’ve seen 54 new surgical cases and had a terrific reason for a particular consult time request…’that’s the earliest the plane lands at Newquay from the Scilly Isles’!

That patient, one of two Mastiffs with Cruciate Ligament rupture we’ve treated this month, led to an interesting discussion about a famous Mastiff, present at the Battle of Agincourt, who guarded the wounded body of his owner, Sir Piers and went on to be the ancestor of the English Mastiff breed.

Amongst our soft-tissue cases we’ve performed a bilateral Total Ear Canal Ablation(TECA) for a bloodhound with multi resistant ear infections, and last Friday evening we saw an emergency case, a cocker spaniel who was struggling to breathe before stabilising with immediate Laryngeal Tie-Back surgery, and he is back to breathing easily again now post-operatively.

Some routine foreign bodies have lad to an enterotomy in a 14 week old puppy and a gastrotomy in a rather bigger chap (see X-ray for a ‘spot the diagnosis’!).

Some cancer cases including a Mast Cell resection and a facial advancement flap went well, the facial flap was reported as a case study on our page.

Giant breed dog with vet nurse outdoors at Penmellyn Vets Cornwall. Dog has shaved leg and wearing a huge elizabethan collar and a red bandage on front leg
X-ray showing plate and screws holding together a fractured femur of a cat

It’s been a stimulating and engrossing month, with many happy post-op outcome reviews (generally at 4-6weeks post-surgery) and surgical patient discharges; there has been sadness as well as smiles amongst our extremely passionate and hard-working team of nurses, vets and receptionists, and we are all looking forward to the next month ahead bringing just as many clinical challenges and opportunities to help and make a difference.

The prep-room is a fantastic working environment, amongst a highly professional and capable team with fairly constant good cheer, and never knowing when the phone might ring and the whole day turn upside down. It’s a good place to be.

Oh, and in other news…I had the drills out at home to build a ‘cat fort’ for our two youngest scamps. I think they like it…

Kind regards to all,


Lateral x-ray of a puppy's abdomen whowing a foreign body in the stomach at A30 Referrals Penmellyn Vets Cornwall
Colin Whiting performing endoscopy at A30 Referrals Penmellyn vets with endoscope in surgical draped wound and fully gowned

We’ve seen three emergency spinal cases this month, and we remember very sadly one of those who passed away acutely three days post-surgery. There are highs and lows of veterinary practice, and this blog will be open in sharing them all. A whippet who suffered an acute disc compression in his neck was operated on last Sunday morning and is making good progress with ongoing physiotherapy at the hospital.

Orthopaedic cases typically form the largest part of our caseload, and this month is no exception. Nineteen Cranial Cruciate Ligament cases have included two bilateral surgical patients, both of whom have been featured as case-studies on this page, and one, a Labrador, having combined stabilisation of his slipping kneecaps. We’ve treated thirteen fracture cases, including radial, humeral, femoral, tibial, mandibular and two metacarpal fractures using a range of external fixation, compression and locking bone plate fixation, and hybrid dowel pin and pin/ex-fix constructs.

Again, some of those cases have been featured as case studies. Other joint conditions treated include primary patella luxation, arthroscopy for shoulder ligament inflammation and bilateral ulna osteotomies for limb deformity in a Westie leading to elbow incongruity.

Cat palace built in barn showing wooden ramp going into the cat castle and 2 cats with a blue feeding bowl

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