One of our local Cornish vets, David Leedham of City Road Vets, Truro, had a mishap befall his own dog, Millie, and we were happy to help with a fracture repair surgery.

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Here vet David Leedham tells the story, seen from a different angle.

x-ray dog leg showing bone fracture and repair by Colin Whiting at A30 Referrals Penmellyn Vets

City Road Veterinary Centre Facebook page extract

I received a phone call on Monday evening.

“I heard a snap and now she’s really yelping”

In that moment was I father or vet? It’s not the first time, it may not be the last, but it’s always a
question. Indeed only a couple of months ago, it was a colleague with a pet emergency – so how
do vets feel about treating our own animals?

As vets, we look after sick and injured animals all the time.

My springer Millie, injured on this occasion, is often in the admin office upstairs at the surgery, she spends time with other members of the team on walks, in their homes, when we go away and so on.

So would it be fair to ask someone else to take control? As a vet, even if I’d prefer not to have to treat my own animal, I was in a position to administer pain relief, unlike my son and girlfriend who had already had the trauma of carrying our screaming spaniel to the car and then transported her to the surgery.

I am alsoincredibly proud of our staff team who at the end of a long day professionally dealt with Millie, my son, his girlfriend and I’m sure they had an eye on me too.

It was quickly apparent that this injury, a fractured elbow, required specialist surgery. In Cornwall,
we are very lucky to have an excellent referral centre (A30Referrals) to where Millie; once stabilised was transferred.

Again, at the end of a long working day we were met with professionalism and genuine care, for Millie as well as the (now 4) humans.

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What a wonderful team!

Pebbles had a short stay in with us post spinal surgery and at discharge her lovely lovely owner….

A kiss for Chester

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