Millie was referred with right hind lameness, initially of severe and acute onset whilst exercising but improving over two weeks with NSAIDs. Referred radiographs as shown on this webpage showed normal hip conformation and stifle without effusion or lameness had initially involved cranial carriage of the leg, and Millie appeared to have a positive sit test.

Stifle examination was normal to loading tests (cranial drawer and tibial thrust), but hip extension and external rotation was a little uncomfortable and palpation within the proximal thigh/groin region was also uncomfortable.

We suspect a diagnosis of ‘groin strain’ (iliopsoas muscle strain) and as Millie is currently improving we’ll follow a period of rest before returning to action.

We rarely see Psoas strains in various high-activity breeds including Dalmatians, Weimeraners and Collies…all the worst breeds to suggest a rest period for. It’s another condition to consider when a dog shows an apparently positive ‘Sit Test’.

x-ray of lateral view of a dog's stifle
Dalmatian showing the positive sit test at Penmellyn Vets Cornwall
X-ray of dog's pelvis and hips

Dylan walked the following morning

Dylan presented with mild but persistent right forelimb lameness, a stoic chap he showed slight tenderness on should flexion with elbow extension, and palpation of the medial biceps groove.

Orthogonal radiographs were unremarkable, arthroscopy revealed an inflamed biceps tendon which was sectioned arthroscopically and depomedrone instilled – see images of arthroscopic sectioning of the inflamed tendon, and Dylan walking the following morning.

Arthroscopy tv screen of dog shoulder
X ray of dog shoulder at A30 referrals
Colin Whiting performing arthroscopy on dogs shoulder holding arthroscope in surgical incision and wearing full surgical mask and gown

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