This case illustration at Penmellyn Vets for patient Leo shows radiographic positioning post-surgery for a left caudocranial stifle radiograph.

The left leg is extended caudally, with cushioning under the left thigh, whilst the right leg is flexed cranially and cushioned forwards as shown in the radiograph.

The tail is steered to one side, and the Left marker is placed transversely to the long axis of the limb, our indicator that it is not at the level of the relevant object of interest and so the measuring scale will not be valid.

X-ray with plate and screws of dog's fractured tibia

This is a post-operative video showing that a TPLO abolishes displacement of the knee during weight-bearing (mimicked by the Tibial Compression Test).

Dog aneasthetised with bandaged foot showing how to be positioned on an x-ray table
Dog aneasthetised with bandaged foot showing how to be positioned on an x-ray table

X Ray positioning for tibia and stifle

This post illustrates X-ray positioning for a mediolateral radiograph to the tibia and stifle, using some elevation of the hock region with scrunched blue paper towel.

The left indicator is placed sagitally to the bone, which we use as a shorthand to show it has been placed at the same level as the bone and therefore the distance marker on the indicator is valid for any measurements at the level of the bone.

Leo’s pre-operative plateau angle was 33 degrees which is steeper than average.

Stifle effusion can be seen in the cranial and caudal joint compartment, and early osteophytosis of the distal pole of the patella.

X Ray positioning for tibia and stifle of dog on back anaesthetised on x-ray table
X-ray of dog's stifle A30 Referrals

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