This dog was referred after sustaining a stress riser fracture c. 3 weeks following MMP surgery for Cruciate ligament rupture.

It’s a recognised complication and we’ve now treated half a dozen similar cases.

Stabilisation here required a 3.5mm medial compression plate for the caudal tibia, and a heavily contoured cranial locking plate for the cranial tibia, where monocortical screws are placed with the titanium wedge of the MMP lying behind.

Once reconstructed, you can see the reconstructed ‘Maquet’ drill hole at the distal aspect of the wedge, with fracture lines extending craniodistal and caudodistally.

We would like to thank Colin Whiting and all the team for carrying out the TPLO Stifle Surgery on Will’s Cranial Cruciate Ligament injury.

Will is 12.5 years old and had his surgery nearly 6 weeks ago at Penmellyn. We were a little worried due to his age, but since the operation he has continued to improve and we are delighted with his progress.

He has been back to see Colin for a checkup today and he was very pleased with him, so again thank you very much


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TPLO surgery of both knees

This dog ruptured both ligaments within a very short space of time, and found standing or walking almost impossible