TJ striding out before hometime. Yesterday he had bilateral TPLO surgery after rupturing cranial cruciate ligaments in both knees.

Performing surgery of both knees at the same time means a shorter total recovery period…he will be active immediately (controlled regular lead walks) and should be back to normal activity within two months.

TJ is recovering from his bilateral TPLO on Monday and our lovely vet is over the moon with the way he has responded.

Colin, we cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our boy. You are just brilliant! X


staffy with buster collar

Query by a vet – What’s his pain management regime?

Comfortan, paracetamol and nsaid premed. Epidural and intra-articular bupivicaine pre-op. Bupivicaine at arthrotomy closure. Comfortan periodically reducing to buprenorphine by 24hr post-op. Discharge NSAID, sometimes additional pardale. Only use tramadol if NSAIDs precluded.

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TPLO on both backlegs

“My dog, Saffie had TPLO performed by Colin on both of her rear legs”